Colorsonix® Wall Panels

2" Resin Hardened Edges

Series 1800-2060
Part 1: General
  1.1 Work Included  
  The work consists of furnishing all labor, materials, accessories and equipment necessary to cover all areas shown on the drawings and specified herein with MBI Panels.  
  1.2 Delivery and Storage  
  Store products in a cool, dry place out of direct UV sunlight. Protect from the elements and from damage. Store in a temperature controlled environment of not less than 50 F prior to, during, and after installation. Maintain uniform humidity of 20% to 40% in a controlled environment prior to, during, and after installation.  
Part 2: Product
  2.1 Product and Manufacturer  
  2.1.1 Geometric Shape  
  (square) (rectangular)  
  2.1.2 Size & Thickness  
  2" thick (Maximum size 5'x10')  
  2.1.3 Core  
  6# Fiberglass  
  2.1.4 Surface Finish  
  (polyester fabric) (perforated vinyl) (nubby fabric) (abuse resistant fabric)  
  2.1.5 Color  
  To be selected by architect from manufacturer's standard selection  
  2.1.6 Edge Shape  
  2.1.7 Edge Construction  
  Chemically Resin Hardened  
  2.1.8 Acoustical Performance  
  1.05 N.R.C. (select from data)  
  2.1.9 Incombustability  
  Class A per ASTM E-84 25/0/50  
  2.1.10 Suspension Provision  
  (Impaling Clip) (W / W Clip) (Z Track) (Adhesive) (Velcro) (Magnetic) (Angle Support)  
Part 3: Execution
  3.1 Installation  
  3.1.1 Location  
  MBI acoustical panels shall be located and spaced as detailed on reflected ceiling plans and/or detailed on the interior elevation drawings and as indicated on room finish schedule.  
  3.1.2 Suspend Panels  
  From Walls  
  3.1.3 Attachment Method  
  Provided under 2.1.10 per manufacturer's recommendation.  
  3.1.4 Workmanship  
  The acoustical system shall be installed only by an approved contractor. All work shall be completed in a workman like manner. All panels shall be properly installed and left in a clean, sanitary condition. Contractor shall remove and dispose of shipping containers and debris.