Screenflex Portable Partitions Product Lines


Partitions Designed with You in Mind

The mission of Screenflex is to provide quality affordable portable partitions to enable you to make better use of your facilities. As architects, we designed and developed Screenflex partitions with a clear understanding of your budgets, your building costs, and the need to make the best use of every square foot of your buildings.

Discover how Screenflex Portable partitions can make your facilities more versatile than you ever imagined possible... with three distinct lines to serve your distinct needs!


Partitions Without Equal -- Simply the Most Versatile Partitions Available!

Imagine... partitions where you need them... anytime you need them... and they set up in just seconds. Choose from six heights: 4'-0", 5'-0", 6'-0", 6'-8", 7'-4", 8'-0", and lengths from 5'-9" to 24'-1". Multiple FREEstanding™ units can be locked together to form unlimited lengths.

Ordering Code:
FSL 68 11 EB GL
Model Height # Panel Color Option

Sample code "FSL6811EBGL" indicates FREEstanding Partition 6'-8" high, 11 panels in length, "Excel Fabric" Series -- Summer Blue, with optional ganglocks.

FREEstanding eleven (11) panel
partition shown; length 20'-5"

No. of
Length Height
4'-0" 5'-0" 6'-0" 6'-8" 7'-4" 8'-0"
3 5'-9" FSL403 FSL503 FSL603 FSL683 FSL743 FSL803
5 9'-5" FSL405 FSL505 FSL605 FSL685 FSL745 FSL805
7 13'-1" FSL407 FSL507 FSL607 FSL687 FSL747 FSL807
9 16'-9" FSL409 FSL509 FSL609 FSL689 FSL749 FSL809
11 20'-5" FSL4011 FSL5011 FSL6011 FSL6811 FSL7411 FSL8011
13 24'-1" FSL4013 FSL5013 FSL6013 FSL6813 FSL7413 FSL8013

WALLmount™ Partitions will provide multiple and variable sized class or work areas without the limitations and costs of ceiling mounted track systems. Each unit folds conveniently against the wall for storage and can be extended in any configuration to divide your space as required. Sound absorbing and tackable, these partitions are available in lengths up to 23'-10", heights to 8'-0" and 18 eye pleasing colors.
Ordering Code:
WM R 60 9 EG
Model Hand* Height # Panel Color
*Hand - (R) Right or (L) Left - Indicates to which side of the mounting point the partition stacks when folded for storage.

Sample code "WMR609EG" indicates WALLmount Partition-right hand, 6'-0" high, 9 panels in length, "Excel Fabric" Series -- Gray Smoke.

WALLmount nine (9) panel
partition shown; length 16'-6"

No. of
Length Height
4'-0" 5'-0" 6'-0" 6'-8" 7'-4" 8'-0"
3 5'-6" WM( )403 WM( )503 WM( )603 WM( )683 WM( )743 WM( )803
5 9'-2" WM( )405 WM( )505 WM( )605 WM( )685 WM( )745 WM( )805
7 12'-10" WM( )407 WM( )507 WM( )607 WM( )687 WM( )747 WM( )807
9 16'-6" WM( )409 WM( )509 WM( )609 WM( )689 WM( )749 WM( )809
11 20'-2" WM( )4011 WM( )5011 WM( )6011 WM( )6811 WM( )7411 WM( )8011
13 23'-10" WM( )4013 WM( )5013 WM( )6013 WM( )6813 WM( )7413 WM( )8013
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Each Portable Classroom contains two folding partitions, each 6'-0" high and 16'-6" long, along with the 4'-0" wide melamine laminate cabinet. This unique and patented product provides 37'-0" of infinite partitioning possibilities. Three cabinet models, in a light or dark wood grain, include markerboards and storage capacity. The combined cabinet and partitions serve as excellent teaching stations, and provide the finest portable partitioning available.
Model Solo (OE) Single (SE) Double (DE)

Melamine laminated cabinet
with lush doors in a
light oak (LB) or
dark oak (LE) wood grain.

A typical Portable Classroom is shown below with two attached nine-panel partitions. Each partition is 6'-0" in height and 16'-6" in length. Total length of Portable Classroom cabinet plus two partitions is 37'-0".
Ordering Code:
Model Finish Color Options
Sample code "SE-LB-SN-L" indicates
a Single Portable Classroom in Light Oak
with "Select Fabric" Series -- Green,
and Optional Locks.