Rockaway Partition Systems

Offer your floorplan high-integrity strength, custom-configured design, user-oriented features and attractive, uncluttered appearance. Long recognized as the innovator in the movable steel partition industry, Rockaway Partition Systems give interior designers, architects and industrial space-planners a systematic, modular approach. This provides the end user with ease of setup, uniform visual appeal and substantial savings in time and cost with each relocation or interior restructuring. With all individual panels completely re-configurable without disturbing adjacent panels, major floorplan revisions become quick operations using our trained installation teams or your own personnel.

Most office and industrial partition installations worldwide, are variations of this proven design. None are as completely movable and re-usable as our System 101. Walls can be altered or removed quickly without disturbing the ongoing office routine. Every SpaceStyler panel is universal- permitting one, two, three and four-way conditions. Base and pilasters are easily removable allowing easy wiring. All door frames have telescoping heads to permit adjustment for uneven floor conditions.

  • Universal, unitized construction for flexible set-up and re-use
  • Durable, baked enamel finish is standard for easy cleaning
  • Installs directly over carpeting with little or no fastening to floor
  • Ceilings are available for In-Plant Office enclosures
  • Custom color match available on request

Using proven high performance steel structural components, unitized construction and a variety of different panel materials, glazing options and trim styles, each Rockaway Partition System is designed to meet the specifications required for each project, yet remain adaptable to future uses. By implementing an integral series of quality tests into each manufacturing stage, all Rockaway partitions conform to exacting standards. Through the efforts of the most experienced industrial planners in the business, Rockaway provides the most complete design and planning service available today. From simple office partitioning to the twenty miles of Rockaway partitions in the Sears Tower in Chicago, Rockaway Partition Systems function perfectly.

The need for executive privacy in a busy open area is always a concern. Rockaway ceiling-high partition system provides a private work environment, has the look of a permanent installation and is completely movable and reusable.

These elevation drawings represent only a few of the many possible configurations available with SYSTEM 101.

General: 2-3/8" thick Movable Partitions manufactured from all steel, steel and glass, or other specified materials, will be furnished to comply with architectural drawings. Panels and End Fillers are to be fully insulated.

Construction Materials: The finest quality materials shall be furnished. Flat, cold-rolled, stretcher-leveled quality furniture steel with smooth surfaces shall be used for panels.

Panels: Panels shall be of 20 gauge, cold-rolled, stretcher-leveled reinforced steel. Panels shall be insulated with rigid foam. The panels shall be flush with the uprights and pilasters. All panels are to be 2-3/8" thick.

Posts: Uprights shall be of 18 gauge steel and are to be integral with the panels. A positive-acting clip is to be used to lock and align uprights of adjoining panels. One clip shall be installed every 12 inches in height of post. Universal post design must permit two, three or four-way condition.

Pilasters: Pilasters shall be of 18 gauge steel and shall be snapped on and off through the use of spring clips.

Electrical Provisions: Base, Cornice and Posts shall permit easy access for electrical installation. Pilasters are removable for installation of electricals in post.

Removable Base: Continuous Base shall be of cold-rolled steel and shall be adjustable to the floor, vertically. Each side of the base is installed independently to permit removal from either side for access to wiring.

Top Filler: Top fillers shall be of flush construction of 20 gauge steel. They will be installed neatly scribed to the ceiling. They will be packed with inorganic filler.

End Fillers: Telescopic end fillers shall be of 20 gauge, double faced steel, insulated with inorganic filler. These units are designed to permit alterations and adjustments to suit field conditions. They shall be rigidly anchored to walls through the use of wall channels with slip joints.

Doors: Doors shall be of hollow metal, seamless face construction, 1-3/4" inches thick. Door panels shall be of 18 gauge, cold-rolled, stretcher-leveled steel. Floating door frames shall be of 18 gauge steel. Door to jamb clearance shall not exceed 3/32 inch.

Hardware: Partition manufacturer's standard hardware shall permit ready interchangeability of lock operations. Door shall be hung on 1-1/2 pair of 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" butts. Mortises and reinforcements shall be provided for all hardware. Hardware is to be field-installed to insure trouble free operation.

Finish: All surfaces shall be treated with a protective phosphate coating (Parker Rustproof Process) that provides positive protection against undercoat corrosion and insures adhesion and durability of finish coats. Two coats of alkyd Melamine enamel are applied to all surfaces by electrostatic spray for maximum coverage and uniformity and baked at 350 degrees F 15 minutes to produce a highly-durable color controlled finish.

Erection: Partitions shall be erected on top of finished floor and shall be plumb, level, rigid and free from defects. Erection area shall be left broom clean.

Glazing: Snap-on moldings at the top rail of the partition are employed. Moldings with screws will not be allowed. Glass (of type to be specified) shall be furnished and shall be set in Urethane. Glass shall be cleaned by others.

Warranty: The partition system is guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.