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The OFFICENTER - High-End Panel-Based Systems Furniture


OFFICENTER gives you the range of choices to create beautiful and effective workspace for each individual in your organization, from the receptionist to the CEO.

OFFICENTER is a panel-based office furniture system, with a complete selection of panel-hung work surfaces and storage components. OFFICENTER is available on Federal GSA Contract


Fit our furniture to your taste and space with OFFICENTER's selection of standard panel heights, panel styles, worksurface finishes, and paint and fabric colors. Or, for unique requirements, choose Packard's Custom and Special capability to alter our standard products to your precise specifications

 Electrify your workstation...
Close-up of Electrical Base
Electrify your workstations with OFFICENTER's UL-Listed, snap-together TRANSPOWER modular electrical system. The 8-wire, 4-circuit electrical system provides 1- isolated "clean" circuit for your sensitive computer equipment. The OFFICENTER raceway has ample capacity for both the electrical system and your data and communications wiring.

Create the perfect combination of privacy and interaction using OFFICENTER's different panel heights and glass choices. All panel heights interconnect, and all panel heights accept hang-on components and the TRANSPOWER modular electrical system.

Panel heights from 40" to 120"

  • 40" high for reception areas
  • 54" high for "seated privacy" in team areas
  • 68" high for "standing privacy" in workstation areas
  • 84" high for acoustical privacy in confidential areas
  • 85" to 120" high floor-to-ceiling for conference areas, executive offices, or room division.
  • Custom Panel Heights to your specification at standard price and lead time (no penalty in price or lead time for special panel heights and widths)
 Panel styles from solid to full glass
  • Solid panels for visual and acoustical privacy
  • Half glass panels for a combination of privacy and interaction
  • Full glass panels for complete visual interaction
  • Clerestory glass panels (glass accent atop a solid lower partition) for visual and acoustical privacy, while allowing light to pass above the panel
  • Curved panels, either solid or full glass for aesthetic accents
  • Open Frame panels for air circulation and pass-through applications
  • Solid wood post and panel trim option for the warmth and richness of real wood
  • Doors and gates are available in all panel heights, (even 40" reception height and 68" workstation height!) in solid, partial, or full glass styles
  • Custom panel styles and construction for unique requirements


Panel Finishes from Baked Enamel to Acoustical Fabric

  • Over 100 standard finish choices; custom finishes and colors available
  • Baked Enamels for durability and cleanability
  • Vinyl covered for visual texture and cleanability
  • Fabric covered visual warmth
  • Acoustical fabric covered contributes to acoustical control

Various panel styles available...
120" High Clerestory with Half Glass Panel and Solid Door


Open-Frame Panels...
Open-Frame Panels with Wood
Trim Option

Full Glass Panels and Double Door
120" High Floor-To-Ceiling with Full Glass Panels and Double Door
Create conference rooms, executive offices, or divide space with OFFICENTER FLOOR-TO-CEILING panels up to 10' high. FLOOR-TO-CEILING panels will interconnect with all standard panel heights, and accept the same hang-on components and modular electrical system as the less-than ceiling high partitions. Or, use OFFICENTER FLOOR-TO-CEILING with your existing freestanding office furniture.

OFFICENTER is an outstanding value. Steel panel construction and panel-to-post assembly mean you're investing in a long-lasting furniture solution that assembles and reconfigures in a snap. Your furniture investment is protected by your ability to re-use and reconfigure all of OFFICENTER's partitions and components as your company changes and grows.

  • Universal post connector means minimal parts and pieces
  • Panel-to-post assembly is fast and simple
  • Interchangeable parts for reversibility
  • Modular sizes and components for minimal new parts when reconfiguring


Packard manufactures your OFFICENTER workstations to order, and typically ships within 4-6 weeks lead time.

  • 5-year warranty on material and workmanship
  • STEEL "monocoque" panel construction
  • .85 NRC on Acoustical partitions
  • 28 STC on Floor-to-Ceiling partitions
  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI/BIFMA tests
  • Class A fire rated
  • UL listed electrical system

Full Glass Panels and Double Door
Full glass floor-to-ceiling


Packard sells exclusively through our international independent dealer network. Packard dealers provide a variety of before and after the sale services including:

  • Space planning, design, and layout
  • Delivery and installation
  • Add-ons and reconfigurations, and moves

Solid and Clerestory Panels...
120" high solid and clerestory panels