Rockaway    Partitioner

Rockaway Partioner with Optional Baseboards
68" and 40" High with Optional Baseboard

Rockaway Partitioner:

Rockaway Partioner is rugged enough for the shop floor and refined enough for the office. It is perfect as an economical alternative for shop floor and in-office uses when you donํt need the capacity and cost of a full systems furniture partition wall.
Rockaway Partioner is a simple partition system for use with existing freestanding office furniture, or on its own for dividing space. Rockaway Partioner is available in a variety of panel sizes and styles to fit your exact partitioning requirements.

The Rockaway Partioner - Industrial and Floor-to-Ceiling Partitions
Panel Sizes and Styles

Testing Lab
68" High Solid and ‡ Glass Panels

INDUSTRIAL USES: Rockaway Partioner is suitable for use on the shop floor or in the office alike. Its rugged steel construction, easily cleaned Baked Enamel finish and rock-solid panel-to-post assembly, make it the right choice for an industrial partition in production, assembly, manufacturing, processing, warehouse, and laboratory applications. Companies such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Honda of America, Upjohn Pharmaceutical, LORAL Defense Systems, Texaco, Lucent Technologies, United Airlines, and others have standardized on Rockaway Partioner as their industrial partition of choice.
  • Separate packaging and production lines
  • Create instant supervisor offices, break rooms, smoking areas, etc.
  • Define aisles
  • Enclose sensitive machines
  • Divide space
OFFICE USES: In the front office, Rockaway Partioner partitions can be dressed up with patterned vinyl, fabric, or acoustical fabric finishes to make it the perfect office partition for use with existing freestanding furniture. Use Rockaway Partioner to wrap existing desks and other office furniture. Choose solid or ‡ glass panel styles for the right balance between privacy and interaction.
  • Salesperson's workstations
  • Team and Conference areas
  • Telemarketing stations
  • Separate areas
  • Create office aisles and divide space

Half Glass Panels
68" High ‡ Glass Panels, Baked Enamel Finish

IN ANY ENVIRONMENT, you will find Rockaway Partioner to be:

  • Fast and easy Panel and Post assembly makes installation and reconfiguration a snap
  • Comprehensive Linear Foot Pricing includes all connectors and trim, reducing estimating errors and making estimates quick, logical, and easy to understand
  • 3-4 week standard lead time means fast completion time on your partition projects
  • Available soon on GIZA space layout software for even faster estimates and drawings


  • Rugged and durable steel panel construction means a long lasting product, even in harsh production environments
  • Solid Panel and Post assembly means a rigid partition when set up
  • Sturdy Floor Anchors ensure a rock-solid installation
  • Class A fire rated
  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI/BIFMA industry tests
  • .80 NRC and 28 STC on acoustical partitions
Panel Construction
Panel Construction
Seated Privacy FLEXIBLE:

Choose panel heights from 40" to 120" and panel widths from 12" to 60" to fit your space exactly

  • 40" high for machine barriers or reception height
  • 54" high for "seated privacy"
  • 68" high for private offices or work areas
  • 84" high for complete separation or confidential areas
  • 85" to 120" FLOOR-TO-CEILING for enclosed areas, conference areas, and room division
  • Panel widths in 6" standard increments
  • CUSTOM PANEL HEIGHTS AND WIDTHS to your specification at STANDARD PRICE AND LEAD TIME ( no penalty in price or lead time for special panel heights and widths)
Choose panel styles to fit your specification.
  • Solid panels for security or privacy
  • ‡ glass panels for clear sight lines or visual supervision
  • Clear tempered safety glass is standard; optional tinted or obscure glass, or plastics, are also available
  • DOORS AND GATES available in all panel heights (including 40" and 68") in solid or ‡ glass styles
Optional Baseboard Trim provides flush-to-floor look and complete separation.
  • Custom panel styles and construction are available for unique requirements
Doors and Gates
Doors and Gates available in all panel heights

 Rollscreen Panels
Custom Rollscreen Panels in Baked Enamel

Choose panel finishes to fit your application and budget
  • Durable baked enamel is easy to clean in shop settings
  • Patterned vinyl offers an attractive compromise between easy maintenance and good looks
  • Fabric and acoustical fabric for front office good looks and sound control
  • Custom panel finishes available


  • Cost-effective alternative to systems furniture partitions
  • Competitive, economically satisfying price point
  • 5-year warranty on material and workmanship
  • Custom panel heights and widths at no upcharge!
  • Space planning, layout, and design
  • Delivery and installation
  • Add-ons, reconfigurations, and moves