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Work done by others:

.1 Installation structure, suspension beam and miscellaneous support steel to support track, including drilling of same.

.2 Suspension enclosure

.3 Reinforcement of lateral walls.

.4 Finishing and leveling of floor.

.5 Installation of all electric wiring from the motor control cabinet to the source and key switches.

.6 Soundproofing of the folding partition opening perimiter.

Shop drawings

.1 Shop drawing shall be submitted as per specifications.

.2 Shop drawing shall clearly indicate the installation requirements, dimensions, track support details, type of stacking, track arrangement, hardware, partition material, finish detail, electrical details.

Operation and maintenance instructions

Written operation and maintenance instructions shall be submitted in accordance with the specification requirements.

Existing conditions

In order to be able to operate the folding partition in the best possible manner, ensure that the floor level does not vary by more than 13 mm (1/2") for any 3-meter (10') segment along the center line of the partition, and for a width of 750 mm (29 1/2") on each side of the center line of the partition. The total variation in the level of the floor, from one end of the opening to the other, shall not exceed 50 mm (2")

1.1 Warranty

.1 A written warranty shall be provided.

.2 The partition and the installation shall be guaranteed for ONE YEAR.

.3 All mechanical parts, including the track and trolley system shall be guaranteed for TEN YEARS.


2.1 Product

.1 The folding gymnasium partition shall be GYMDOOR 801, (STC 42 OR 48), by MODERCO INC.

.2 The movable partition shall consist of a series of suspended panels to be removed by a cable-type drive system.

.3 Each partition shall be equipped with a communicating door without a threshold. The communicating door shall be the same thickness and construction as the panels and shall be located within an odd numbered panel.

.4 If need be, the pocket shall be equipped with two 45 mm (1 3/4") thick doors equipped with safety switches and shall have flexible vinyl sound seals around all the edges. The partition shall stack entirely within the pocket.

2.2 Panel construction

Panel shall be 76 mm (3") thick an of equal width exceeding 1220 mm (48") made of 24-gauge galvanized steel sheets welded to a 18-gauge steel frame and appropriate soundproofing material.

2.3 Panel finish

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                                VINYL                               CARPET

Panel finish shall be (select "A" or "B"):

A) MODERCO heavy-duty reinforced vinyl, class "A" rated and selected from the manufacturer's standard colour chart.

B) MODERCO carpet, class "A" rated and selected from the manufacturer's standard colour chart.

2.4 Acoustic seals

.1 Sides: Verctical joints shall be sealed by means of rigid black vinyl astragals.

.2 Top: Horizontal top seals shall be a black enameled steel channel section equipped with flexible vinyl gaskets with two continuous contact sweeps on each side.

.3 Bottom: Horizontal bas seals shall be a black enameled steel channel section equipped with flexible vinyl gaskets wiyh two continuous contact sweeps on each side.

2.5 Suspension system ( 10 year warranty)

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.1 The track shall be a 1277 mm (5") steel beam weighting 15 kg/m (10 lbs/ft).

.2 The track shall be fastened to the structure above by 16 mm (5/8") steel threaded rods and appropriate brackets.

.3 Each trolley shall consist of a steel yoke equipped with four sealed ball-bearing steel wheels which are accessible without removal from the track system.

.4 Each trolley shall be designed to carry four times the weight of one panel.

.5 The panel shall hang from the trolley by means of a 19 mm (3/4") grade 5 steel suspension bolt designed to permit adjustement of panel height.

2.6 Drive system

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.1 The partition shall operate by means of an electrical drive unit and have a manual clutch an chain operator to allow the partition to be moved manually in the event of a drive unit or power failure.

.2 The drive unit shall be equipped with a C.S.A. (UL) approved 1 HP, 208 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz three-phase motor.

.3 The drive unit shall be equipped with an endless cable and limit switches.

.4 Operator of the partition shall require the use of two key switches positioned on each side of the partition. They may be located at either end of the partition.

.5 The travel limits of the partition shall be controlled by limit switches positioned on the track system, thereby ensuring full travel before shut off.

N.B.:The limit switches shall not be mounted on or within the drive unit.


3.1 Installation

.1 Prior to installing the partition, the supplier shall ensure that the opening is constructed as per the approved shop drawing and that nothing will interfere with the operation of the folding partition.

.2 The supplier shall not deliver or install this product until the general contractor can ensure storage and protection of the partition at work site.

.3 The partition shall be installed by an authorized MODERCO distributor-installer.

3.2 Operation

.1 The partition supplier shall brief the purchaser and its staff on the operation of the partition.

.2 For reason of safety, two individuals are reqired to activate the key switches in order to move the partition.