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Moderco offers the ideal solution for meeting room dividers. The Moderco accordion door has durability, endurance, beautiful appearance and high acoustic performance, all at affordable prices. A range of acoustic (31, 35, 40, 44, STC) and non-acoustic doors are available to meet every need and budget.


Before choosing your accordion door, compare the value:

1-High quality aluminum ceiling guard will look new for many years (standard on our model 4400. Optional on all other models).

2-Independent key lock and an ultra robust handle with interchangeable cylinder for master key system mounted on a full height steel post with a "V" shape deep moulding.

3-Full-height U-shaped internal channels solidly attach the folds, guaranteeing a better acoustic performance and more rigidity. Ingenious 14 GA steel pantograph system.

4-Rigid cover with no visible hinges, seams or fabric buttons.

5-Rigid laminated vinyl covering (standard manufacturer's selection of vinyl or your choice of fabric, vinyl or carpet).


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