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Built for you

Moderco operable partitions are versatile.

They are used in:

-The hospitality industry: hotels, motels, reception halls, restaurants...

-Institutions: schools, colleges, universities, hospitals...

-Small and large businesses: showrooms, offices, boardrooms, manufacturing plants.

Built for your needs

Moderco Signature 8000 panels are manufactured to your specifications: gypsum board , particle board with laminated steel, in order to combine beauty and strength. Moderco Signature 8000 partitions are available with internal aluminium or combination aluminium/welded steel frames.

A profitable solution

Moderco Signature 8000 operable partitions are a wise investment. Superior quality means longer-lasting performance and satisfaction. The Moderco Signature 8000 operable partitions are durable and require no special care.

The Moderco Signature 8000 also features replaceable panel faces on site at a very low cost.

A durable and efficient solution

All Moderco Signature 8000 track systems are unconditionally guaranteed for five years.

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        Track #55                              Track #33                          Track #45-2                          Track #45

Acoustical control

Moderco Signature 8000 partitions have STC values of 49 & 53 as tested in independent acoustical laboratories.

A unique design

Quality materials, heavy-duty mechanical components, a frame that protects edges and finish, superior design... these are all proofs of our know-how and expertise. Moderco Signature 8000 protective edge trim standard finish is clear anodized (bronze anodized is also available). Moderco will also POWDER COAT the edge trim to match your panel finish. This feature combines the benefits of the protection with the appearance of no trim at all.

Pass doors

Single or double pass doors that meet American and Canadian disability acts specifications are available. All Signature 8000 pass doors come with a bottom seal that retracts automatically; and standard lever operation of panel to release seals ensure ease of operation.

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A helpful tool

The computerized specifications sheet will make your choice easier and will allow you to merge our information directly to your own master specifications.

A winning feature: Retractable seals

Top an bottom mechanical seals provide stability when activated but when the panels need to be moved, a simple push of the hand is all that is required to set hundreds of kilograms or pounds in motion: that is the Moderco advantage. Floor track is not required; all components are built into the panel itself. When the panels are in position, a small movement of the lever sets the mechanical seals and maximum pressure is exerted on both the floor and the track. Panels are then held securely in place, forming a stable and sound resistant partition.

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Ceiling trims

A choice of three ceiling trims. Only Moderco offers a choice of three ceilling trims to meet any situation: L, T, or W-shaped.

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        "W"            "T"                 "L"

Pocket doors

When you want to use the full floor space and restore the room to its maximum dimensions, our panels won't be in the way. Storage pockets hide panels out of sight until they are needed again.

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Limitless finish possibilities

For the finishing touch, the Moderco Signature 8000 series offers many covering options; vinyl, fabric, carpet, plastic laminated, solid wood, wood veneer, uncovered, customer own material, surface prepared for field painting or others.

        Vinyl                Fabric            Carpet           Wood          Laminate