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Work done by others

.1 Structure or suspension beam with the exception of steel angles for pullies and motor drive unit.

.2 Electrical wiring, connections and breaker circuit.

.3 Paint


Submit a written document stating that the gymnasium curtain is guaranteed against crackling, tearing, joint failures and rupture of suspension system for a period of five (5) years from the date of signature of the certificate relative to the preliminary acceptance of work.

Type of curtain

The curtain shall be Gymfold "D" type as manufactured by Moderco inc. Or approved equivalent sold and installed by authorized representative.


The curtain shall be of polyester reinforced vinyl and shall have the following characteristics:

Weight:1,46 kg/sq m (43 oz/sq yd)

Tensile-Grab-Lbs: 310 X 310

Tear Strenght-Tongue (lbs): 120 X 120

Trapezoid Tear (lbs): 90 X 75

The vinyl shall meet S109 under ULC CAN 4. And NFPA 701 a label confirming the fire-break homologation tests shall be fixed permanently to the curtain.



Formed of two (2) panels separated by a distance of 450 mm (18") and shall be formed of horizontal 1,5 m (60") wide strips to cover the entire opening. Each strip shall be joined to the next by means of double seams. Each side shall be joined to each other by wires measuring 2.4 mm (1/8") in diameter and spaced regularly at 750 mm c/c ( 30"). The curtain shall be without any visible joints or wiring on outside surfaces. Colors shall be selected from manufacturer's standards.

Acoustical insulation system

.1 At wall

Vertical guides of 119 mm (12") deep by 100 mm (10") wide made of a 450 Kg/m ( 28 lbs/pi) density open cell foam covered of the same vinyl as the curtain, and fastened to the wall on each side of the opening.

.2 At celling

The stacking at the top shall be hidden between valances of the same vinyl as the curtain and of 1475 mm (5') in height. The valances shall be suspended to steel angles attached to the building structure. The holding system will be done with 'U' clamps holding a steel pipe of 38 mm ( 1 1/2") in diameter inserted in the hem at curtain top. An identical pipe shall be installed at the bottom of the curtain so to keep the vinyl stretched and aligned on it entire length. The holding system shall not have any wooden parts and it shall not be acceptable that the weight of curtain be transferred directly to the ceiling instead of structural elements in attaching the vinyl to the steel deck.

.3 At roof (optional)

Additional valances shall be installed in order to fill in the empty space at the top of the standard valances.These special valances shall be sewn to the standard valances and shall follow the roof slope in order to keep the acoustical integrity of the curtain. This special curtain shall be made of the same vinyl as the standard curtain.

Raising mechanism

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.1 The motor drive unit ( 2 Hp, 208 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz) shall be equiped with a magnectic contactor which can reverse the movement of the curtain at any point, an emergency brake and travel limit switches for the up and down position.

.2 All transmission shafts of the raising mechanism shall measure 32 mm (1 1/4") in diameter and be equipped with 50 mm (2") wide flange drums. Each drum shall have continuous machined grooves to allow a single and uniform winding. All motor drive units with a single shaft on the total length of gymnasium will not be accepted. All lifting cables of 5 mm (1/4") diameter aircraft type must wind on drums fixed to the motor drive unit located in the center on the opening. There shall be 3 complete turns left empty on the drums when the curtain will be in the lowered position and there shall be one empty groove on the drums when the curtain will be in the raised position. Steel cables winding on drums attached to a single shaft will not be accepted. The motor drive unit shall be suspended from the existing structure by threaded rods of 13 mm ( 1/2") in diameter.

.3 The lifting pullies diameter shall be at least 30 times the cable diameter to prevent any premature wear. The pullies shall be attached to the structure and spaced at 3000 mm (10') along the entire width of the opening. The steel angles used to hold the lifting pullies and the curtain shall have minimum dimensions of 75 mm (3") X 50 mm (2") X 6 mm ( 1/4") and shall be attached to the existing structure with threaded rods of 13 mm (1/2") in diameter. The steel angles shall not be welded to existing structure.

.4 All roller chains tension shall be monitored by safety switches in case of loose chain or breakage. Belts for driving transmission shafts will not be accepted.

.5 The operating control shall be spring-loaded type switch and operated by a key.

.6 An hydraulic emergency stopping device shall be installed to prevent the free fall of the curtain or to limit the descending speed to or less than, the normal operation speed in case of a failure of the gear box. The emergency stopping device shall be directly connected to the motor drive unit gear box. Any mechanical system holding the curtain in place in case of a failure of the gear box is not acceptable.

Work performance


.1 Install gymnasium curtain straight, at level and adjust moving parts for smooth operation.

.2 Clean soiled surfaces with cleaners compatible with finished surfaces.


.1 The gymnasium curtain shall be capable of being stacked at the top of the opening.

.2 The gymnasium curtain shall be easily operated by a single person.