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wall2a.GIF (61877 bytes) Designed by engineers who understand the needs of the installer and the end-user, GL-350 has fewer components than standard fixed drywall construction, and installs much faster. And since the system uses factory prefinished panels, all of the taping, sanding, priming and painting of standard construction is eliminated. Unlike other full height partition systems, GL-350 is attached to the flooring, and to the ceiling grid, with special fasteners that allow the system to be moved with virtually no damage to these surfaces.


Reconfiguration of the system is much simpler than standard fixed construction, and because landfills are becoming more and more sensitive to the problem of waste gypsum disposal, recycling of the panels offers the building owner savings in both relocation and waste disposal costs. Components and panels are 95% reusable.

wall4a.GIF (45073 bytes)Gravity Locks' GL-350 Drywall Replacement System gives the building owner another important cost consideration: potential tax savings.

Since the IRS considers movable wall systems as portable tangible personal property, they can be depreciated over a period of 7 years versus 31 1/2 years for standard fixed construction. Or the system is eligible for Code Section 179, Expense Election deduction - for years beginning Jan., 1993, (the election deduction has been increased to $17,500.)   For details on the specific tax advantages that may apply to you, contact your accountant or tax advisor.

The heart of the GL-350 Drywall Replacement System is a patented 2 1/2" box stud that is precision engineered to receive simple 11 " cross channels. The cross channels 'twist fit' into place with no additional fasteners. Each stud is prepunched with a series of knockouts to accommodate horizontal wiring.

An exclusive feature of the framing is the 13" stud extension. All GL-350 box studs are delivered to the jobsite approximately 4 3/4" short of the floor to ceiling height. The stud extension simply slip fits into the bottom of the stud and extends to the finished floor. Because of this feature, field cutting of the studs is eliminated, and all studs can be removed and relocated elsewhere without regard to high or low spots in the floor.

The GL-350 Drywall Replacement System installs firmly between the ceiling grid and the carpeting - allowing for the grid and carpeting to be installed over large open areas, rather than all the cutting and trimming required when standard "fixed" walls are used. The facility owner enjoys considerable cost savings because of this quick and easy installation.

Once installed, the unique GL-350 panel clip allows all panels to be accessible from either side, virtually anywhere in the system. Modifications to electrical wiring and communication lines can be done quickly and easily by simply accessing a panel. And installing, or relocating an office furniture cubicle adjacent to the GL-350 System can be completed much faster than with standard construction.

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