Library Applications


Your library can consist of 50% or more unusable aisle space!  A mobile storage system can either double capacity (or more) in the same space, or store the same amount of materials in half the space - freeing up valuable footage for library needs!

Reference Book Library

Mobile Media systems are designed to meet your specific requirements.  All carriages are custom made to best accommodate the specific materials being stored. 

Whether materials are being stored on open shelves or in boxes, a system can be designed to maximize the space available. 

All systems are designed to accommodate the room and best utilize the square footage available.


Archival Storage System

From law  to reference libraries, our system will increase capacity in the space needed.


The following companies have installed a Mobile  Media High-Density storage system to maximize their library space:

ADP* Edgewood, NY Flessing & Flessing Auburn, CA
American Express Phoenix, AZ Frontier Insurance* Monticello, NY
AT&T Bell Labs Naperville, IL Goffstown Public Library Goffstown, NY
Bayminelte Courthouse Bayminelte, AL Hunton & Williams New York City, NY
Bear Sterns* New York City, NY John Hopkins Baltimore, MD
Bloomfield College Bloomfield, NJ Klint Reid, Kelly & Associates Chicago, IL
Chadbourne & Park New York City, NY Landmark Preservation Commission New York City, NY
Chicagoland TV News Oakbrook, IL Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, IL
Citibank New York City, NY New York Times New York City, NY
City of Kentwood Kentwood, MI Visiting Nurse Association Mobile, AL
Division of Investigation New York City, NY Weg & Meyer New York City, NY
Ernst & Young New York City, NY Wordperfect Corporation Orem, UT
Elizabeth City Hall Elizabeth, NJ